Jumat, November 21, 2008

dunno what to say

have u ever been in a lumpy situation, stressful situation, until u dunno what to tell? u just receive it, sink it to your body n mind. and when yours can keep it no longer, just exhale n let it flew away. no feeling, no expression, just a simple smile since there's no other option in the expression box to take out.

n more extravagantly stressful when someone ask you to tell the story. well.. let me tell u, i dunno what to say. i dunno what to tell. it just too stressful until I burn those memory far far away. I dun wanna keep it.

all i can give to u is a smile. that somehow everything is gonna be ok. i still have my God. n i still have a tiny bulk of spirit left. though the other big part has been torn apart. just maybe i need some rest. alone trip. me, myself. far far away. quite n empty time-space. n i'll come back with bigger smile.

me, still the same girl who has tons of spirits.

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