Senin, Februari 04, 2008

harsh but fair

it's hard for me to understand the vector algebra
wanna make it tougher?
then try to solve the question of vector algebra, correctly
umm..not tough enough huh?
then try to teach the 30 students class a vector algebra
need a damn toughest stuff?
then try to teach 30 students class a vector algebra, in english!

hwaaaa.. life's cruel. harsh. and push me till the limit. be tough nduk.. and be rough. though it takes more times than others, huge more times, for you to understand the tutorial, i knew u're gonna make it. u're gonna understand the things, and make the student understand what u're teaching.

teaching is trully not an easy thing to do. first, u have to understand what u're gonna bring to the class, and for me, it needs loooooot of times. hey, i'm not that smart! then second, u have to bring your understanding to them and make them understand what u've been understand at. plus everybody, yes plus, all that silly terms (integral, vector, gradient, and other engineering junks) in english!! it's not easy for me to say, "integral tertutup F dot dL sama dengan integral F dot dL dari garis pertama di tambah integral F dot dL garis el el", then translate it immediately to be, "closed path integral F dot dL equals to Integral F dot dL from segment one, add integral two dot dL segment two.. bla bla".

this is my 10th day studying at malaysia. everything's going well. it's fun here. cool environment. one thing that i should remember is that african always ask how are you after they saying hi! um um, yap. kind of weird when u meet them just passing by, usually people just say hi, right? then just move forward to their destinantion. yeah, i should get used to say i'm fine thank you to them :D such a friendly but.. weird! it's so no need gitu-halah-. then lot of words need to be understand as a not-should-be-tell-in-front-of-malaysian, such as the word butuh (need). my supervisor told me when i said "saya butuh nomer telpon Cik Fakhrizan", that it's a no-no word to say, it means male p***s!! yeah. noted, Sir.

it's cool experience i got. how much differ's our colour, white-yellow-brown-black, we can still laughing together along the same story.

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